Lumber Manager – Manage your lumber inventory from Production to Sale!
The Lumber Manager provides the tools needed to efficiently track lumber from production to drying, re-grading, remanufacture and ultimately sale. The Lumber Manager was designed to reduce costly data entry and to provide the flexible reporting tools needed to manage your business.

Data entry is reduced using single point data entry. What this means for your business is the elimination of redundant and error-prone data entry needed to feed reports and financial applications.

The data required is either captured directly from mill equipment, from thin-client devices installed in the mill, or from portable devices running custom data-collection applications developed specifically for use with the Lumber Manager software.

The fully integrated Accounting Manager receives the financial data directly from the Lumber Manager ensuring timely financial information and accuracy. In addition, customer invoice balances are automatically transferred to Accounts Receivables as invoices are committed. The flexible date-based reporting tool provides access to current and historical data. Included ODBC drivers provide access for third party reporting and query tools.


  • Integrated with mill equipment
  • Integrated with portable data collection devices
  • Single point data entry eliminates redundant work and errors
  • Correction Wizards quickly and easily fix errors
  • Numerous standard reports with flexible reporting by date
  • Access to historical information for trend analysis
  • Support for numerous Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documents

>> Transactions Supported

  • Pack Adjustments
  • Purchase Orders for purchase of lumber
  • Receipt of purchased lumber
  • Production (portable data collection available)
  • Real-Time production entry using thin-clients
  • Lumber Drying
  • Physical Inventory (portable data collection available)
  • Customer Orders with support for EDI
  • Invoicing with support for EDI

>> Report Types Available

  • Sales Reports
  • Inventory Status Reports
  • Production and Consumption Reports
  • Many more…