Windows Mobile log scaling from Logical Systems carries on the tradition of full featured log scaling software Logical Systems has come to be known for. It is easy to use, full featured, customizable and reliable. Reliability starts with a rugged handheld platform from Juniper Systems. The Allegro MX is the latest in the Allegro line of handhelds products. The Allegro MX is IP67 rated meaning that it will stand up to the rugged conditions in which the units will be used.

Look up lists are provided throughout to assist the scaler to find a vendor, customer, log species, log grade, etc.. Correct log entries as a load is scaled. Easily make deductions for log imperfections. Price logs from a price schedule as well as the ability to individually price a log. Tag no logs, some logs or all logs on a load. Use multiple alternate scale rules to scale loads and scale specific log grades on an alternate rule. View a load’s status as it is being scaled, or additionally get a breakdown by log species or log type (log species/grade).

Scan log tags using a USB scanner or use a scanning expansion module integrated with the Allegro MX.

Print scale slips on a laser printer in the office using Wi-Fi technology. Print in the field using a mobile printer using Bluetooth®.


  1. Yard Purchase
  2. Road-side Purchase
  3. Check-in
  4. Sale
  5. Direct Sale

Integrates with Enterprise Log Manager.


Sawmill Manager Version 9.1
• Log Manager Enhancements
During this past year, a major upgrade to the Log Manager was completed bringing it into compliance with some newer technologies that were implemented in the Lumber Manager.

• Lumber Manager Enhancements
Continued to enhance the Lumber Manager in the following areas:

  • Real-time Re-manufacturing and Real-time Receipts interfaces added to join with the Real-time production interface found in an earlier release of the application.
  • EDI (electronic data interchange) capabilities upgraded for customers who sell lumber to Lowes and Probuild.
  • The Lift Viewer query search capabilities were greatly enhanced, and EDI Transactions query & EDI Inventory Advice were added to the queries.
  • New Consignment Inventory Adjustment transaction added as an EDI extension.
  • New Consignment Shipping report added.

• Accounting Manager
Accounts Payable was added and integrated with both the Log Manager and Lumber Manager joining Accounts Receivable, implemented in an earlier version. A financial reporting application was added during the 1st quarter of 2011. Completing the financial reporting application provides both an integrated General Ledger capability in the Sawmill Manager as well as the ability to export journal entries to other financial reporting tools available in the market. Currently QuickBooks is supported and others will be added as required.